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Lutra Kveik fermentation

I posted here Wort stratification - #3 by sneezles61 about the unusually high OG, here is how the yeast worked.

I sprinkled this yeast on top of wort at mid 70s, cool for this strain. It looks like and fermented like a wine yeast only faster. It is more granular looking that most dry beer yeast I have used. At first it appeared to have stalled or my bucket had a leak. Day two no airlock activity. Not one to worry I just ignored it for a few days.

Yesterday I popped the top and dropped in my (sanitized) hydrometer. 1.012 or so. it was not easy to see in the bucket but I will get an accurate reading when I keg or bottle it and taste a sample. It appears that it finished overnight. I will probably give it another couple of days for my friend Justin Case.

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I just had a buddy tell me he used this yeast. He sent me a video and at about 12 hours post pitch it was going like gang busters! Wouldn’t surprise me to finish in a couple days! Will be interesting to see how ‘clean’ you find it.

I’m liking this yeast. I tried to start a thread about it but it ran out of gas. I’m trying it with everything since summer. It’s work really well in everything. The Kölsch I made with it was a little off but now that it has aged (and is almost all gone) it’s just fine. Lutra is currently giving a try at a Chocolate Stout

Are you saving it and if so how many generations so far? I plan to grab some and stick it in the fridge. Not sure what my next brew will be and if transporting it north in the spring will work out.

I have harvested it from 3 batches and I have not noticed a change. Remember these Kveik strains have been traditionally harvested using yeast rings so IMO they are bred for harvesting

I have seen photos of the yeast rings online. Looks like they carry them around outdoors uncovered so it must be tough stuff. All I ever do is scoop out some yeast after transferring with a sanitized spoon and and save it in a small mason jar then step in up next time.

This summer I will try a large scale batch with it. Not sure what yet.

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