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Lager series

Brewing my last batch of ales for 2018 didn’t add up my total yet. I have enough for awhile so I can concentrate on lagers and lagering. First up is a pilsner then a maibock, bock, Mexican lager. Then my doppelbock,and end with the Octoberfest. These are all recipes I made before that I’m happy with. Going with the Bavarian lager yeast again. I know boring. What are you all planning?


Vienna Lager, “Goodnight Vienna”. Soon.

Post the recipe. Actually I’d like to see alot of recipes on this thread. Get some ideas I’m having a case of brewers block.

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Ok, here is the bones of the brew:
Goodnight Vienna:
5.5 lbs Vienna malt
3.0 lbs Pilsner malt
1lb Munich malt(5-7 lovibond)
2.5 oz Carafa II

1 oz Hallertauer 60 min
1 oz Tettnanger 15 min

Saflager 34/70 x 2 packs

1.062 OG
1.015 FG
I brewed this as my first lager in March 2015, the basics were from a regular poster back then, Matt Naik, remember him?

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Whatever happened to him. Is that the one @dannyboy58 makes?

There a few that just… vanished… Like they got on a UFO…
I’m still wander about, kicking the bags of barley… I will start with a 5% basic lager, I’ll put 4 oz per 5 gallons of C-120… I’ve got German 830 lager yeast waiting… Hersbrucker and Saaz… German magnum… I’ve got some chocolate wheat from last year yet… I will have to use that up in the doppelbock… Still have yet to find a great Miabock… The endless journey…
I’ll post a grain bill as I get it developed… Sneezles61

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My Vienna did originate with Matt. Though I’ve never used 34/70 in it.

Haven’t seen @mattnaik around here in at least 2 years…he was a good contributor for a while when I first joined the forum and started brewing.

Danny, Here’s the original post I had printed from Matt Naik. There are enough minor variations in my version that mine wasn’t an exact version either. Mainly I amped it up to be a bigger beer, in essence moving it toward a Maerzen/Oktoberfest strength.

yea i found that thread this morning Voodoo. My vienna has probably evolved a bit from that too. I did call mine Goodnight Vienna a couple times as well.

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Here’s my current Vienna Lager recipe for 10 gals and est 80% efficiency. Grain bill appears to be identical. I bitter it a little more. It finishes out at about 5.5abv and 29 IBU. BS2 says 10.5 SRM but it looks darker to me.

Amt Name Type # %/IBU
10 lbs Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 1 54.8 %
5 lbs Pilsner (2.0 SRM) Grain 2 27.4 %
3 lbs Munich Dark (15.0 SRM) Grain 3 16.4 %
4.0 oz Carafa Special II (Weyermann) (415.0 SRM Grain 4 1.4 %
1.00 oz German Magnum [13.00 %] - Boil 60.0 min Hop 5 23.2 IBUs
2.00 oz Hersbrucker [2.50 %] - Boil 20.0 min Hop 6 5.4 IBUs
1.00 Items Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 15.0 mins) Fining 7 -
1.0 pkg Bavarian Lager (Wyeast Labs #2206) [124. Yeast 8 -

I have 10 gals of pils getting a D rest right now. When I keg that I plan to brew schwarzbier to use the slurry, then maybe I’ll do a Vienna. I’d like to have done a doppelbock for winter but if I don’t get to it until January I may forego that.


WHY THE H*LL ALT (its a Lager )

OG – 1.049
FG 1.009
IBU 38.5
SRM 15.2
ABV 5.28

6lb Floor malted Bohemian Pils Malt
2lb Munich Malt
2lb Vienna Malt
8oz Caramunich Malt
4oz Debittered Chocolate Malt
1.5 oz Kazbek hops Fwh addition
1 oz Kazbek at flame out.
Wyeast 2206.
This was a Altbier recipe that is one of my house beers thats always on tap. The kegs never seem to last long its just all a round great brew. The Kazbek hops give it a unique flavor spicy like Saaz with bright citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit semi floral and earthy tones like a noble hop would give you and alittle more. I split a batch and thought to myself. Why the H*ll not make half a Lager. It may not be a traditional Altbier recipe but its definitely a damn tasty beer as a ale or a lager. Either why you brew it. If you choose to do it as a ale any german altbier yeast produces great results and k 97 dry yeast is a great choice for it to.

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Not familiar with kazbek hops sounds interesting. I see a sack of Vienna in my future

Its a Czech hop breed from Saaz its got some Saaz qualities but super sized. Here is alittle info on it.;_ylu=X3oDMTEzM21qaG9iBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM0BHZ0aWQDTlNSUEMwXzEEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1544614736/RO=10/

I looked and it looks interesting. The pedigree is interesting and the flavor sounds great. Unfortunately I it’s out of stock. My brain is starting to work now. I think I’ll investigate some different hops this season

That does sound interesting. I saw it on Yakima’s page a while back and thought I should check it out…should’ve while they had it in stock.

I like hersbrucker a lot in a vienna. Saaz is nice too but they’re both low AA…looks like kazbek is a little higher.

Amazon has kazbek. half pound for 17.99 free shipping from NorCal Brewing Solutions. I’ve never bought from them. Anyone?

Picked some up from hop heads for 13 but had to pay for shipping. Oh well. Bought some other hops ended up around $1/ oz which is my price cut off for 1lb lots

Coming soon, I’ll be splitting a batch 50/50 using WLP833 and K-97 yeasts to see what those yeasts will do to make both a Kolsch and a wheated Pilsner not unlike Leinie’s Honey Weiss (not inspired or a clone of, but just in that general line). Recipe for 2.5 gallons total (1.25 gal each):

Her Name is Emily 1884 Wheat Kolsch/CAP


2.5 lb wheat malt
2.5 lb American 2-row pale malt
0.5 lb Swaen(?) Munich malt
0.5 lb rice hulls (just in case)
0.3 lb Gambrinus honey malt
0.375 oz homegrown Hallertau (60 minutes, ~5.4% alpha)
0.125 oz Palisades pellets (60 minutes, 8.5% alpha)
0.2 oz Palisades pellets (15 minutes, 8.5% alpha)

Use tap water with Campden and CaCl2. Mash in with 2/3 salt to hit 149 F for 50 minutes. Don’t forget rice hulls. Then infuse with 4.5 qts boiling water before runoff. Sparge with 8.5 qts 195 F water with 1/3 salt. Boil and add hops per schedule. Ferment at 63 F for 2 weeks with Kolsch and/or WLP833 yeast, then lager for a month to settle yeast. Include diacetyl rest if necessary. Prime on the slightly higher end at 5.67 Tbsp table sugar.


You must’ve gotten the last pound of kazbek at hop heads. When I looked today they were sold out. I got a pound of saaz from them. I wasn’t thrilled about the 6 bucks for shipping either but didn’t really need any other hops at the moment.

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