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KCl and Morton Salt Subtitute

Hi Guys,

I’m about to brew my first batch of sake and have sourced all the ingredients bar one: Morton Salt Substitute. I plan to use distilled water, so I guess this is a necessary ingredient. Unfortunately you cannot buy it in Australia at all.

However I can get Potassium Chloride: ... -zip/KCLSM

The ingredients on the back of the salt substitute list more than just KCl though, so my question is do these other ingredients matter? Can I just use straight KCl?


From a medical viewpoint, the KCl is the active ingredient in ‘Lite salt’. The rest are fillers and anti-caking agents.
Interesting that the recipe wants you to add potassium. I believe there’s a lot in malted grains.
edit- oops, sorry, I didn’t see that this was on the Sake part of the forum. Disregard the malted grains comment.

Potassium Chloride is the nutrient sought after for in the morton salt substitute. The other items are just anti-cake/moisture stuff like what JimRMaine said. Just make sure it is food grade.

KCl along with the epsom salts make for micro-nutrients needed by the sake, as well as some enzymatic functions.

Its not absolutely needed, but best to have some.

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