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Hard seltzer water

Me thinking about a 3 gallon batch hard seltzer. Are you still preping your water profile. Before you start. Or not so important. Like brewing a beer

yeast nutrient is really important but not so much the water profile

Seems to me that it would be easier to just buy flavored seltzer water and put a shot of vodka in it. Doesn’t do much for your creativity though. They are the rage now though. Is it because they are less calorie than beer?

In the US it’s not legal to make hard seltzer that way. It has to be fermented. In a bar…yes… but not as a product. In Canada you can just throw some spirits and water together.

I think there is a new young generation that hasn’t had a chance to appreciate good beer and can’t afford it yet. They would rather drink hard seltzer than their Dad’s Bud.

I have a 6% Hard Kombucha I’m drinking right now that is a nice treat. It certainly doesn’t fill me up like a 6% IPA

I recently tried my hand at hard seltzer. I used enough gypsum to hit 50ppm for yeast flocculation.
As mentioned the correct yeast nutrient and dosing is far more important.

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Me not real interest in seltzer. But small batch as a experiment. Interest

I’m not into it either. I did it for my sister-in-law who is doing keto.

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what flavors are you going to add?

Something like orange. Lemon. Got to figur out. How to add. Adding. Fresh orange. Might cloud the seltzer. Mayby go on my quest at a health store.

Think about doing saturday. Together with a ipa brew session. Yeast wise. Dont want to use kveik. Got some packages. Of dry champagne yeast. They did sent wrong to me

@wilcolandzaat Kveik was a recommend yeast for my Seltzer kit. This is the recipes I used and it talks about citrus.

@loopie_beer your comment lead to a lot of interesting reading I never considered on Gypsum and yeast Flocculation

There are already lots of canned cocktails out there. Some called spritzers that are the same as seltzer I think. The problem is in many states spirits can’t be sold in grocery stores. NY of course is one. SO they make the “alcopops” as a malt beverage. It’s kind of crazy. Alcohol is alcohol, you drink enough and you are drunk. 17 states allow spirits to be sold in the grocery store.

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Lot’s of funny US restrictions. This link is very informative…

“ Hard seltzer is mainly produced from either a brewed sugar base or a brewed clear malt base. Depending on which is used determines the federal labeling and adverting requirements. Under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code, “IRC” for short, code 27 CFR Part 7, A malt based hard seltzer is considered a malt beverage which is subject to TTB Labeling and advertising regulations, while a sugar based hard seltzer is considered “beer” and is NOT subject to TTB COLA (Certificate of Label Approval) and advertising requirements.”

When i did work at the brewery. The goverment came by and said. You can brew beer. Up to 6%abv. Anything higher. You do need a distillery licence. Its all a gray shaded area.

Me will try kveik than. I know how this reacts. Fluctuation wise. Never did use. Champagne yeast. Due to the climate temp over here.

If you have a few weeks spare time all we (don’t) need to know is here :grin:

I glazed over about the second paragraph. Can’t imaging the time, money and resources used for stuff like this.

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Lobbists I assume

Rules… Regulations… Some peeps can’t make it out in the real world… SO… they play tricks with words and sentences…They then become the one to decipher what they wrote… Just my take on it…

Done brewing yesterday. Did swith brew plan. Made a heffeweisen. When this was going on did use the kitchen. For. The hard seltzer. (Love it when my wife is at her store. On brew day) after primary fermentation. Think. Gonna. Add. Peach snaps.

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