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Git R back running

Have you used those batteries before? I’ve never had much luck with aftermarket batteries on HD. The OEM batteries have steel plates in them to handle the massive vibration of a big twin which is why they’re so expensive but they last. Aftermarket ones I’ve bought cheap tend to last about 5k miles if you’re lucky.

I like the Robotech/anime Mech stylings of this BMW escooter.

There are all kinds of idea’s of what IS the the future… Keep pushing the envelope… I’m hoping some where there will be an idea that function leads… these goofy products that exhibit a certain style isn’t stylistic stuff …
Seems every time some big shooter company sends a protege product out… its determined that the price tag leads…
I’ve digressed too much


Haha, If form always met function this world would be nothing but lazy-boy recliners. IMO all of the great autos and motorcycles have a style.

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Did anyone here get to see The Art of the Motorcycle exhibit in the late 90s. To this date I think it’s the most visit show in The Guggenheim’s history. Here a supposed complete list of what was shown. My mind was blown at the time.

I was imagining how cool it would be to ride a steam powered velocipede through Brooklyn until…

“Roper was asked to demonstrate his ‘self propeller’ at the Charles River velodrome, a banked concrete bicycle racing track, where he first paced the racing cyclists, then raced professional rider Nat Butler, easily outpacing the bicyclists with timed laps at around 30 mph (120.2sec/mile on the 1/3mile track). He was then encouraged to give a demonstration of maximum speed, and was timed at over 40 mph, when a ‘sudden pallor’ was seen on his face, and his machine wobbled to a stop, Roper falling off his cycle. He died at the track-side with his son Charles, of ‘natural causes’, at age 72. [Boston Post June 1896]”

Besides the whiskey distiller next to my shop there is also a cycle shop Keino Cycles Going by and seeing what he is working on is inspirational. Many years there’s the Brooklyn Invitational Custom Bike Show and I love taking my youngest to it. He’s really into vehicles of all sorts and it blows his mind.

Perhaps it just me, but the look of a springer on a bike IS so classically cool…
Can you imagine, being at the board races, all those old bicycles converted to motored cycles! Hoping a board doesn’t break loose! When you see those pictures, you had to believe those guys are really nuts!

Actually better luck with the AGM than lead acid over the years. Seemed like we were lucky to get two seasons out of the lead acid even being careful with them in the off season. That said a friend with a HD bought a new battery every year. He said it was worth the money to not worry about it starting.

We have AGMs in our Sea Doos also. They get bounced around pretty good. Both are Deka, imported from PA :grin: More money but they are a few years old. I just charged, load tested and put them in and they still test OK.

I had an 07 Electraglide Classic that had the original battery in it in 2015 when I traded it in for a new bike. The 15 still has the original battery. Both bikes lived in the basement on a tender all winter which I think is the key to battery life. I have to replace my lawnmower and UTV batteries much more frequently but they see those cold winter temps and long periods where they just sit.


What do you mean Noob? You don’t fire up the lawn mower in the winter and mow the snow? :joy:

Yea I agree the battery tenders make a huge difference in extending battery life. It’s the drain charge cycle that kills them.

:joy: Ya know, some days you just gotta break up the monotony. Now that I think about it, the tractor does last longer because I use it to snowblow.

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A lot of anoying e bikers in town then i ran into this cool fella. Old school


Timing chain just arrived… Its a bit shorter than the one I took off… So after some lunch… its time to re-assemble it…
And I hope its the last time…

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K… starts right up… no choke needed! Lights all work as they are suppose to!
Horn… :disappointed: won’t even let out a yelp… New one coming… From a 1966 VW… 6volt!!
Shifting isn’t very good… I’ll need to remove the clutch and re-build… Not a big deal…

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