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Foamless #9

Hello eveyone,

I’m checking to see if anyone has tried the White Labs WLP709 which is a seasonal strain of foamless #9. I’m interested in hearing about the experience. Thanks!

#901 or something like that?

I read the foam less versions are pretty similar to the foaming counterparts,
didn’t even see that being carried by white labs, very nice…

I wonder if we could get any of the wyeast/white labs types to carry more sake yeasts.

Give it a try and let us know how it works! :slight_smile:

Oh, wanted to add it still makes foam, just greatly reduced.

Yeah, must be from 901. I was psyched when I saw it for sale. Figured it’d be fun to try something new.

I think I missed out on timing for ideal viability. They only are making it Sept/Oct.
Got a heads up from the supplier, “past the ‘best-by’ date, would you like to choose another yeast?”

Maybe next year…


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