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Extract vs all grain comparison

My first two brews are complete. Both are NB Cream Ales.
First was from extract and the second a BITB grain.
To my surprise, they were identical in all ways. Not a hairs difference…
I guess it also reflects well on my consistency.

Now then, the comparison, which one gives YOU the best for your efforts? Economy? Flexibility?

When I started I did extract only and didn’t believe it when people said they could taste the extract. Now I can as well but not with every yeast. I think I can taste with the yeasts that aren’t as good attenuators.

The ‘ol extract twang. I’m not sure I ever recognized it but I only did extract for about six months or so… I probably would have attributed it to my brewing flaws.

Not surprised with a cream ale. I just find when you do all grain there are so many other malts you can work with. And all grain is probably 1/4 of the cost

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Extract twang… Lack of fermenting control…

Me did extract brew before i did switch to all grain. Did made some good beers while brewing extract. But could taste the yeast as well. Think temp control more crucial with extract brewing.

It’s impossible to keep LME fresh for longer than a day. It stales VERY fast. DME doesn’t have the same problem. Still, I get much better flavors and variety from all-grain brewing. It’s extra work but well worth it.


I have the same opinion of LME. It could have been other factors in my process but I never made an extract brew that I considered of acceptable quality. Call it twang I don’t know but it was like a combination of staleness and maybe when you use too much crystal.

Had much better luck with AG and recommend it highly. You can always have issues but I’ve found the quality to be far superior to extract. Or…in my case I just do what works for me.

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