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Error codes

The last few days, I’ve gotten a few error codes, Am I alone?

@sneezles61 - can you tell us more about what you are seeing? I can dig into it, if you tell me when, where and what you are experiencing.
Thanks, Todd J @ NB

I had one this AM A face shows up ERROR… Another time yesterday… I was logged on here, OOPS,CANT FIND PAGE… on this forum page…
So in all, the last 5 days is when this has happened… Not being very proficient on a PC… I cant tell is my PC getting old, or Mediacom messing with me… or this forum… BUT, this is the only place it happened…
Thank you!

Thanks for the extra info. It could be connected to compatibility for your browser and the forum page. updating your browser might help. If not, please feel free to continue to provide additional details that might help us find the issue for you.

I got the following error code at 10:35 eastern time 1-17-2022
Server Error
while trying to load /unread.json?order=default
Error code: 502 Bad Gateway

I also tried to post a new topic and was not able to post.

@mikem and @sneezles61 - can you let me know what browser and version you are using?

this is what I see when I try and post a topic

Is that the case, even when you add text where it says
“type here. Use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML…”

ok here is a cut and paste of whats going on. Basically I can not type in what the topic is because the northern brewer banner hides it.

I have a word file with screen caps and explanation. How can I get this to you.

Thanks for your help! You can email with attn: Todd. Thanks again!

I am also on Chrome 97 - so it’s confusing to me. The screen caps should help.

Email sent let me know if and when you get it.

Received and I will review. Thank you.

I can barely turn on a PC… so doing…?

Mine is also “Chrome is up to date
Version 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)”

I got the error code and just waited a little while then it worked fine.

Well i have Chrome on a desktop my phone and a new Chromebook and hav’nt experienced any codes so probably not chrome

I’m apple stuff… Next time I see the issue, I’ll get a picture…

Oh that explains it. My wife uses apple and is always bothered by wierd stuff that just pops up. Apple products need to update daily or they get crankey as far as i can tell

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