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Dark beer bread

I mostly do the polish but using the sourdough yeast though

I’m going to try the Pate Fermentée

ive read about all those types of ferments in some of my bread books and have done different varients of of them each. The patte fermente doesnt work for me because its designed for making the same product over and over. I use the poolish because it can be used in any number of product or even as flavoring. Although now i am expierimenting with the spent brew yeast. Ive read a lot on bread baking and its like brewing in that everyone develops a their ow method

It sure seems the yeast, just like beer, is at the heart of the product… Tried to get my wife to watch… she dismisses this stuff… :confused:

fermentation is fascinating stuff. I ferment alot of stuff from the garden as well.

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“The Bread Bible” by Rose Levy Berenbaum is my go to book for bread making.

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