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Carbination varies batch to batch

I have brewed 6 batches. Two cream ales, 2 Kolsch, IPA and a Pilsner.
All turned out great.
BUT, the IPA foams like crazy. Needs great deal of time to settle into a liquid.
The Pilsner is almost flat; very little head, just some bubbles around the edge of the glass.
All other beers are fine.
All 6 batches had the same 5 oz of sugar used as supplied by Northern in the bottling process.
Could faulty caps be leaking (pilsner)? IPA over foam??
I would like to get control over this.

Perhaps… more yeast/hop creep in the IPA… A quick cold crash before going to the bottling bucket…
Not much yeast in the PIls… Needs more time/yeast to carbonate…

Bottle condition can be rough. First the volumes of CO2 are dependent on bottling volume as well as using the correct amount of sugar. Then, you have to make sure you mix your priming sugar well into the entire volume so you don’t get some flat bottles while others are over carbed.
Still think Flars’ domino dots was a genius idea. Basically one dot per 12oz bottle.


Me had that issue few times. Did find out by installing a inline co2 gauge. I can controll the co2 for certain kegs separate. And fixed the issue

Makes sense sneezles. I haven’t tried the Pilsner since the 2 week (in bottles) point. It is now close to 4 weeks and the head may have improved.
I’ll just have to deal with the IPA. Probably won’t brew it again, mainly because I like other styles better.
Never hears of the Flars’ dots, loopie. I’ll look into those.

Thanks for the help fellows.

loopie, are you talking about regular sugar cubes?
Would they be sterile?
And the right sugar quantity?
So many questions…sorry.

If I may start the story Loopie…
One of the sugar cubes from Domino’s is put in a 12 oz bottle… Loopie will have all the details… Even look at Flars posts’… There will be a few threads…

Here is the thread that outlines the process.

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I bottle my cider with dots and some porters. Might be a little low for a beer style that needs a lot of carbonation. It is consistent though

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