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Brand new to brewing - bottle question

Will bottling tool/caps work on twist off top bottles?



That’s what I expected. Thank you

You could try a couple… I think you’ll be disappointed of the lack of carbonation… Maybe you’ll get a bubble or two… but then, some peeps like that…

Twist off bottles may also be thinner than cap so there is a chance you could break some with the capper.

Another alternative is swing top bottles like Grolsch. The rubber gaskets are still available.

I like those. Might look into it. Thanks.

What do you ride? I have a Road King.

'87 Softail. Bought it new in 87. Can’t say I ride it much anymore. My wife sold her 96 Dyna Wide Glide.

I had a friend at work that liked Grolsch. He save me a bunch of the bottles. I keg almost everything now days. Much easier.

Then when the keg gets towards bottom half, thats a great time to bottle a few… Damn Perlicks faucet … have to rig up a gizmo for a small tube for the bottles! :grin:

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