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Barbeque thermometers

I’m looking into replacing my thermometer I use in a smoker. The last one was a ThemoPro with two probes that a t room temp read completely different temps so I stopped trusting it and tossed it. It also alarmed I was at temp when the smoker had not even reached it.

One of the wireless models with a smart phone app looks cool if it is accurate. Any ideas or what do you have?

I still use my thermoworks, Chef Alarm… I did replace the plug in probe… works just fine… It helped me set the temp in my new keezer…

I love my Polder Digital Thermometer with alarm and timer I use it for my mashing/steeping/wort production as well as cooking. They are so inexpensive on Amazon that I’ve seen them at two for the price on one at times.
Polder Classic Digital Thermometer
I’ve seen them as ow as $15 but $20 is average

This is the thermometer I use. It’s a thermoworks ThermaQ. I love it!

Those all look like good choices but… I am leaning toward a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi unit. I went from using my phone for a phone, text and some mind numbing games to many helpful and practical uses. Yesterday I set up Active Captain on the GPS map on our boat. It makes it a Wi-Fi spot so I can connect to Garmin, download updates then disconnect from our home router, connect to the boat and load them. no shuffling an SD card back and forth. I also can get notifications from my phone on the GPS screen. Not sure I will set that up.

Back to BBQ thermometers. I rarely cook more than one thing in the smoker so I don’t need 4 probes, just one and an ambient temp. Inkbird makes (sells) one Getting four probes to start with might be worth it though.

good Idea to get extra probes… The ones you plug in or remove and wrap up to stow away do fail… having a back up will save the day…

I do use a laser thermometer.

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