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Came back last monday from europe aka holland. Had to use my ticket from last year with klm. Airlines. Nice to see my mom again. Haga still she has no internet or smart phone. Or computor. So it was sort of nice. Going back to the old days. But visit to europe sucked. Most things closed. Bars pups. Brewerys. You can not visit. Now back on island. Start working the 31. The island reopens for usa flights. The 5 of june


I’m planning of seeing my folks this summer. I haven’t seen them in person since April 2019. They have had health issues during the pandemic that made them extremely vulnerable. Now there seems to be a window of opportunity with everyone concerned being vaccinated.

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Its time to visit them its important. It was good to see my fam. In a sort of normal way. Only if the world would speed up the vaccine program. Must say me got both shots. And it became bit easier to travel.

Welcome back! Perhaps the world will start to re-open shortly… Then your next visit over to EU, you could tell us about the brews you sampled…
How yer brewery doing? MT?

Well it sort of disappointing at the moment when i went to Holland. Bars open. But you need to sit out side. And its open from 12 to 6 but as of now they open from 6 in the morning to 8 at night. Could not visit brew pups. Or brewerys due to all these covid rules. But had some nice pilsners and some ipa. Now back. Home need to transfer a heffe and a pilsner to the keg. Got as well a ipa ready. Next brew. Planned. Somewhere next week think a peanuttbutter choc stout. Or a imperial stout. One think i need to do. Did bring some beer line replace all the beerlines on my kegurator. Now me waiting. To go back to work. Create some extra cash(. Aka play money) make a big beer supply order. And get the hobby full brewpower again. That should be happening in june. Got sumond to go back to work the 31 of may

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