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2022 Southern New England Regional Homebrew Competition

The Underground Brewers of CT will host the 31st Southern New England Regional Homebrew Competition in February. This is a BJCP-sanctioned competition accepting up to 300 entries in all categories of beer, mead, and cider.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are also part of the Master Homebrewer Program Circuit Of America - awards at SNERHC count toward your MHP point totals.

Registration is now open:

Good luck!

Thanks for posting. Would be nice if you contributed to the discussion here rather than just posting a competition for only your benefit.

Fair point.

I might argue that my post was for the benefit of the group, since many group members might wish to participate.

I might also argue that my input on other homebrew-related topics is of questionable value. I’m hardly the best homebrewer around. I’m not even the best homebrewer I know. My advice might be of negative value.

But you aren’t wrong on the general principle. I will make more of an effort to chime in here.


We value all input here, no matter your experience or skill level.

I think it’s fine to post under the beer events forum it is an event. What would be nice is if people posting events could maybe post the results of the competions and maybe something about the winning beers. We have a brewer on here who is building a spreadsheet on winning recipe formulas would be kind of interesting to compare

That is an interesting project. Ray Daniels’ Designing Great Beers is built from the same type of source material. But it is now out of date. A project like this could lead to a new edition.

The winners of all SNERHCs since 2003 may be found at SNERHC – Underground Brewers of Connecticut The winners of SNERHC 2022 will be posted there as well, right after BOS judging is complete in late February. I believe that all competitions post their winners publicly but I could be wrong.

We do not collect recipe info from our entrants. This is intentional. A recipe is private information unless the brewer chooses to disclose it. It tends to be unhelpful to judges; they should be judging the beer against the declared style rather than the intended one. And it tends to be unhelpful to other brewers; they will be brewing on a different system, using different procedures and different water, yielding a different result.

Everyone is free to contact the listed winners and request recipes, of course. And the winners may indulge, for whatever that is worth. But in the 30+ years that the Underground Brewers have been hosting SNERHC, and especially in the 14 years that I’ve been the organizer, we’ve never felt is necessary to require that information as a condition of entry.

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